Homemade Beef Balls 自製牛肉丸【鮮味彈牙】

冰鮮牛腿肉 Beef Shank(牛展)700 g 地瓜粉 20 g Sweet Potato Powder  (樹薯粉也可以,但肉丸冷卻會變硬) 岩鹽 Himalayan Salt 8 g 原蔗糖 Demerara Raw Rock

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咖喱牛肉丁【吮指回味】Curry Angus Beef Cubes

牛肉乾有各種形狀,條形、片狀或顆粒都有。切片咬起來紮實有嚼勁,吃得過癮。切丁讓調味料快入味,縮短製作時間,又可防止一次過吃太多。步驟非常簡單,可以上菜伴沙拉吃,也可以當小零食。一烤好,香味已經把家裹三只貓 ~ 熊貓先生、豆貓、點貓全部吸引過來,可惜貓貓們不能吃 0.0。 材料 安格斯牛肉丁 Angus Beef Cubes  600 g 醬油 Light Soy Sauce      2 小匙 越南魚露 Fish

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Chinese Yam Burger Patties

? 點這裡免費訂閱肥丁 YouTube 頻道 https://goo.gl/rBq3rJ Chinese yam is commonly cooked in soups (such as lotus root soup) but it can also be

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Homemade Mexican Nachos Recipe

Nachos are a Tex-Mex dish from northern Mexico. The beloved Mexican dish of tortilla chips topped by melted Cheddar cheese and

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