Homemade Digestive Biscuit Recipe

自製消化餅【無泡打粉】味道口感跟買的一樣好吃  Homemade Digestive Biscuits Recipe @beanpandacook


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A digestive is a proper British biscuit dating back to the 19th Century. The name is due to the inclusion in the original recipes of bicarbonate of soda which was believed to help the digestion. Have a go at making these old favourites yourself !   

This recipe contains strong wholemeal flour and oat bran (which gives it its distinctive texture and flavour), Muscovado raw cane sugar, homemade maltose. It is baking powder free and shortening free.


Ingredients ( Makes 16@diameter 5 cm )



1. In a mixing bowl, sift plain flour, wholemeal flour and oat bran, oat bran may not pass through the sieve, don’t throw away. Put it back to the sifted flour.


2. Softened butter and Clarified Butter. Add muscovado sugar and Homemade Maltose beat with a electric mixer until the butter become fluffy and creamy. Don’t over blend.


3. Beat in egg by 3 batches, beat with a electric mixer with low speed until combined before adding the next batch.  The batter should be smooth and thick.


4. Sift again the flour into the batter. Use rubber spatula to press the dough, chilled for at least 1 hour until firm enough to slice.


5. Take out the dough from refrigerator. Put the dough in between two baking paper, roll the dough to thickness 3 mm, you can put on a chopstick at the opposite side to even the thickness.


6. Cut out circular with a diameter of 5 cm cookie cutter, spread on baking tray with baking paper. Stab some small holes with a fork.


7. Preheat the oven, the oven 160ºC, baked about 12 minutes until edges are light brown with smell of biscuits. Transfer cookies to wire racks. Let cool and stored in a sealed box



自製澄清牛油【脫水奶油】Clarified Butter

自製麥芽糖  Homemade Maltose 

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