Aquafaba Meringue without Eggs

無蛋白  草莓蛋白霜脆餅 豆蛋白素食馬林糖   How to make Aquafaba Meringue Kiss Recipe


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These lovely small pink aquafaba meringues are eggless, low sugar, no artificial colouring and not using a oven. Follow the instruction carefully to achieve the perfect result.

Ingredients ( Makes about 50 small pieces )



1.  Pour chilled aquafaba into mixing bowl and whip with electric mixer until it becomes white, light, and forms a soft peaks.


2. You can see the liquid becomes foaming and thickness, the beater will make fine stripes in the liquid


3.  Add caster sugar in 2 ~ 3 times and continue beating for about 5 ~ 7 minutes. Keep processing until the mixture becomes glossy and so hard that you can turn the bowl upside down without spilling the contents. Add strawberry powder, corn tarch with sieve, then lemon juice. Continue to beat just a little longer until all combined.


4. Put meringue in a piping bag with jagged nozzle and squeeze onto baking sheet.


5. Bake the kisses in the food dehydrator or oven at 90ºC for 4 ~ 8 hours, depends on the size of the meringue kisses and humidity of the day. They are completely done when easily to removed from the baking sheet. Let it cool at room temperature and store in a airtight container. It could be stored for up to a week. If they become moist and sticky, re-dehydrated them again in the dehydrator or oven again.

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