Butterfly Pea Boba Pearls Milk Tea – Homemade Tapioca Starch

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Blue Boba Pearls 
• 20 pieces of Dried Butterfly Pea
• 70g of Tapioca Starch
• 30g of Potato Starch
• 2 teaspoons of Trehalose (optional)
• 100ml of Boiling Water

Light Blue Boba Pearls
• 10 pieces of Dried Butterfly Pea
• Same ingredients as above

Butterfly Pea Milk Tea

250ml of Water (for syrup)

60ml of Glucose Syrup

100ml of Water (for Butterfly Pea tea)

30 pieces of Dried Butterfly Pea

• Fresh milk or your preferred plant-based milk

Homemade Tapioca Starch

  1. Peel and cut cassava into large chunks and then into small cubes.
  2. Soak the cassava cubes in water for 2-3 hours.
  3. Blend the soaked cassava into a puree and filter out the fibers using a cotton cloth.
  4. Set aside the remaining liquid in a large dish to settle for 12 hours. In the summer, it can be put in the fridge.
  5. The tapioca starch settles at the bottom of the dish. Pour out the water on top.
  6. Spread the tapioca starch in a shallow dish and dry it in a dehydrator at 70°C for 3-4 hours or under the sun.
  7. Grind the dried tapioca starch into a powder using a grinder.

Butterfly Pea Tapioca Boba Milk Tea

  1. Mix the tapioca starch, potato starch, and trehalose evenly and divide into two portions.
  2. Boil the dried butterfly pea in hot water to make tea. It turns dark blue when it boils. Remove flowers and return the tea to the pot and boil again.
  3. Pour the boiling tea into one portion of the dry powder and stir while pouring in boiling syrup to cook the tapioca starch. Quickly stir it into a thick paste, stirring until there are no lumps and it becomes very sticky.
  4. Pour in the other half of the starch and mix it into a snowflake-like crumb. Scrape off the starch that sticks to the bowl.
  5. After stirring the crumbs and slightly reducing the temperature, knead and roll them into a smooth dough without any dry flour on the bowl or hands. Knead it a few more times to make the pearls chewier.
  6. Roll the dough into a ball, flatten it, push it into a rectangular shape with a rolling pin, and cut it into square pieces of equal size.
  7. Mold the pearls. Note that the pearls will expand after being cooked, so the volume will be slightly larger than the original size. Warm dough is easier to shape, so move quickly. If the dough is not being processed, cover it with a damp cloth to keep it warm and moist. The dough will become soft and sticky, making it easy to shape. If it cools down and becomes dry and hard, you can spray it with some water.
  8. Add a little potato starch to the pearls and put them in a bowl. Cover with another bowl and shake it to prevent them from sticking together.
  9. Prepare a large pot and enough water to boil the pearls. Once the water boils, add the pearls and stir immediately. Boil on high heat for about 5 minutes, then reduce to medium heat.
  10. When the pearls float, reduce the heat to the lowest setting, cover, and simmer for 20-25 minutes. Large pearls may take longer to cook. The pearls will absorb a lot of water and expand, so you need a larger pot with enough water.
  11. When the pearls become completely transparent, they are ready to be served.
  12. Prepare transparent syrup by mixing water with glucose syrup until completely dissolved.
  13. Make Butterfly Pea tea by boiling water with dried Butterfly Pea until it turns dark blue.
  14. Put the cooked pearls into a cup and add the transparent syrup, Butterfly Pea tea, and fresh milk in order. Enjoy!

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