Aurora Aiyu Jelly Halloween Drink

愛玉凍材料 (份量:3 ~ 4 人份): 愛玉籽 Aiyu 20 g 礦泉水 Mineral Water 750 ml 極光飲品材料 ( 份量:2 杯 ) 百香果

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檸檬優格杯子蛋糕【無油低卡/萬聖節】Lemon Yogurt Halloween Cupcake

Lemon Yogurt Halloween Cupcake ( No Butter and Cream Cheese ) 材料 ( 份量:8 個杯子蛋糕 ): 大雞蛋 Large Eggs 4

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Pumpkin Rice Cake

Cutely pumpkin shape rice ball is prepared by steaming. These rice cakes can be filled with red bean paste.

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