Merguine (Heart, Sakura, Cat Paw)

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香蕉鬆餅【無泡打粉】Banana Pancake (No Baking Powder)

香蕉產量高,是價廉物美的大眾水果。冬季開花,春季採收的「春蕉」,風味最佳,5、6月雨季來臨,氣溫升高,香蕉的味道會稍差。香蕉營養均衡,幾乎含所有的維生素和礦物質,含豐富的膳食纖維及果膠,能幫助消化、潤腸、降低中風機率。用香蕉製作鬆餅,不需要特別的模具,低糖,無泡打粉,晚上做好放進冰箱,次日噴水送進烤箱烤熱,是便捷又能量滿分的早餐,完全滿足繁忙的都巿人。 材料 香蕉 Ripe Banana 120 g (約 1 根) 中筋麵粉 All Purpose Flour 200 g 雞蛋 Egg 1 顆

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Homemade Garlic Butter Recipe ( from scratch )

Homemade Garlic Butter Recipe ( from scratch ) 無鹽奶油 Unsalted Butter 150 g 鮮採羅勒葉 Fresh Basil 10 片 多瓣蒜頭 Garlic

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Green Tea Milk Spread

   點這裡免費訂閱肥丁 YouTube 頻道 Milk, whipping cream, sugar and matcha tea are cooked together until thick and creamy. Spread on

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5 Ingredients Egg Shell Brownie

Brownies baked inside an eggshell. This cool idea is surprisingly simple. Let’s try this no fat, low carb recipes at easter

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