Amazake made from Koji

? 給肥丁一點鼓勵﹗點這裡訂閱 YouTube 頻道 Amazake is traditional Japanese drink made from fermented rice. Alcohol less than 1%. It can replace caster sugar

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Chicken Curry Cast Iron Pot 無水蔬菜雞肉咖喱 二種工具完成

走地雞 Chicken  半隻 自製鹽麴 Homemade Koji Sauce 2 大匙  (走地雞的體型較小,若用美國雞或其他大型雞,可增加鹽麴的分量) 洋蔥 Onion  2 顆 紅蘿蔔 Carrot  3 ~ 4 根

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Green Tea Milk Spread

   點這裡免費訂閱肥丁 YouTube 頻道 Milk, whipping cream, sugar and matcha tea are cooked together until thick and creamy. Spread on

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