Black Sesame Rolls

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Equipments : non stick baking trays x 2, sieve 

Ingredients ( Makes 6 ~ 7 Rolls )

  • 100 g  Black Sesame Powder  ( How to make black sesame powder click here )
  • 100 g  Chestnut Powder
  • 20 g  Cornstarch
  • 20 g  Wheat Starch
  • 1 tbsp Oil
  • 90 g  Rock Sugar
  • 570 ml  Water
  • 1 tsp Sesame Oil ( Optional )


1. Dissolved rock sugar in 200 ml boiling water. Add black sesame powder, chestnut powder, cornstarch and oil to the remaining 370 ml water,  stir well without lumps. Pour the sugar liquid quickly into the sesame liquid and mix well. Pour mixture through a strainer set over a bowl

2. Pour onto a prepared non-stick baking tray ( 8″ x 8″ ) and spread out to a thin, even layer. Cover and steam on high heat for 3 minutes

3. Let the baking tray cool on wire rack. It is difficult to roll up and leave fingerprints on surface when still hot. Sit in cold water may help cooling down. To serve, roll up and cut each roll diagonally into 2-inch slices

26 thoughts on “Black Sesame Rolls

  1. 你好! 謝謝你無私分享自己研究的食譜,健康好味!又兩個問題想請教:
    (1) 按你所教於芝麻漿加入油,是否就不用額外於盤上抹油?如果芝麻漿不加油,只於於盤上抹油,有分別嗎?
    (2) 你這種澄麵+粟粉的組合, 與其他食譄用粘米粉(例如:有甚麼分別呢?

    1. 1. 油的作用增加芝麻卷的柔軟和細滑質感,並不是只有防黏的作用
      2. 澄麵、粟粉和粘米粉由不同的原材料提煉的澱粉,加熱後的柔軟度、透明度、黏度各有不同。正如蝦餃不會用粘米粉製作,湯圓不會用澄粉製作,道理是一樣的

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