2 Ingredients Diary Free Strawberry Icecream

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  • 200 g Banana
  • 250 g Strawberry



1. Peel banana, cut into thin slices. Cut away the stem of strawberry and dice into small pieces, put the fruits into separate zip bag or any container with a baking paper. Freeze it for 2 hours or more, until banana is hard enough for blending.

2. Separate any slices of fruits by hand as much as possible, don’t let it stick together because it is hard to blend. Put into blender, add lemon juice, nut butter and honey. Blend with high speed to emulsify.  If there are some lumps, wait for a while until bananas are slightly thawed, then continue blending until smooth

3. The ice cream is ready to serve just blended. The texture is as soft as ice cream. If you like firm texture, put it back to freezer 2 to 3 hours, you can dig ice cream ball easily.


  • Make sure you use very ripe bananas
  • If you are nuts allergies, it can be replaced with seed butter, or only banana and fruit still work
  • Banana will turn brown because of oxidation, you can add some lemon juice to blend together
  • Nut butter on sales contained sugar and additives, it is highly recommended to make your own


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