Black Chicken (Silkie) Coconut Soup


Silken Chicken have black skin, black meat, and even black bones, and it’s thought that the darkness of their meat makes it more nutritious. In Chinese they are called wu ji (black chicken). Soup is one of he best way of cooking silkie chicken. Cooking with coconut juice taste good especially. Only 2 main ingredients will do. Try it out !



  • 1 Black Chicken (Silkie)
  • 200 g Coconut Flesh
  • 400 ml Coconut Juice
  • Pinch of Sea Salt
  • 500 ml Cold Water
  • 500 ml Water


1. Find the soft “eye” of the coconut that will be soft enough to push a metallic skewer through. Just be sure to do this over a non-slip surface. Only one of the eyes is soft and this will puncture easily.


2. Put it over a measuring cup or bowl to allow the juice to drain out.


3. Follow the seam to the equator of the coconut. Using the blunt edge (NOT the BLADE ) of a heavy chef’s knife tap firmly around its equator as you rotate the coconut in the palm of your hand. After just a few turns, the coconut will break open into two equal halves. If this is to hard for you, you may also put the coconut in a plastic bag and smash it on a concrete floor. Use a hammer or similar object.


4. Bake coconut halves in oven 100ºC for 15 mins.This will loosen the shell from the flesh inside. Use a skewer or dull table knife to remove meat from the shell. Once the meat is out of the outer shell, a potato peeler works nicely to peel off the inner husk.


5. Wash the silkie chicken carefully and pat dry. Remove skin, then cut into small chunks around one bite size or other size you want. In a pot of cold water (500 ml), put in all the silken chicken, bring it to a boil, blend in boiling water around 2 minutes to remove the impurities. Discard the boiling water.


6. Place the silkie chicken in a large pot, add 500 ml water, coconut flesh and juice. Bring all the content of the pot to a boiling and turn down the fire to simmer for around 30 ~ 45 minutes. Add punch of salt to taste. Ready to serve hot.



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