Lotus Root Dried Octopus Soup



  • 700 g ( 2 stalk ) Lotus Roots
  • 1 ( 50 g ) Dried Octopus
  • 360 g Pork Shoulder
  • 50 g Green Bean
  • 90 g Peanut
  • 6 Chinese Black Date
  • 1 Chen Pi (sun-dried mandarin peel )
  • 2500 ml Water



1. Soak green beans, peanuts, Chinese black date, Chen pi and dried octopus in cold water and bring to a boil.  Drain and dried octopus. Soak other ingredients including green beans, peanuts Chinese black date and Chen pi in a new pot of hot water for about 30 minutes.  Use a spoon to remove the inner layer of Chen pi.



2. Put pork shoulder into the cold water, bring to a boil with medium heat. Skim off scum and fat before boiling. Simmering for 15 minutes until the pork is cooked. Rinse the pork with running water and set aside


3. Peeled lotus root with a knife of vegetable peeler.  Break lotus root into sections, saving 2 cm away from the place and cut as part of the lotus hat. Then stuffed green bean with chopsticks into the small hole of lotus roots. Cover back with lotus hat and fixed with a toothpick


4. Bring 2500 ml of water to boil in a large pot. Add all ingredients, bring to a boil and return to over low heat . Simmer for 45 minutes. Add pinch of salt, mix well, ready to serve.


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